About Us

From roots based in Southern California, Natural High Lifestyle creates a collection of clothing and accessories designed to compliment your progressive, casual existence.  Founder and designer Frank Angiuli has been refining his skill set, working with the highest quality natural fibers available for 14 years.  This seasons range of light weight woven and knit fabrics, meticulously constructed, dyed and finished here in California's bourgeoning garment district,  ranks among the highest quality, versatile lines in the industry.  Don't be fooled by the simple lines and and casual look at first glance.  Rather, notice the refined details, exquisite drape, and ideal fit for an athletic build.

Browse the store to find products ranging from beach blankets to meditation cushions, yoga mats to farmers market sacks, and a full collection of clothing to get you comfortably and stylishly through a typical 21st century day... 


Sizing guidelines


X-SMALL: sizes 0-2, 5’2”, 95-105 lbs. For the very petite woman with slender legs and slight hips and butt.

SMALL: sizes 3-4, 5’4”, 105-115 lbs. For the small framed woman with subtle curves and a slim waist.

MEDIUM: sizes 5-7, 5’6”, 115-130 lbs. For the average framed woman with medium curves along the legs and hips.

LARGE: sizes 8-9, 5’8”, 130-145 lbs. For the athletic woman with muscular legs and expressive curves. Men:


SMALL: Small frame 28-30 waist 140-155 lbs lean, slender build.

MEDIUM: Medium frame 30-32 waist 155-170 lbs slim build slender thighs.

LARGE: Large frame 32-34 waist 175-185 lbs Athletic build Medium thighs.

X-Large: XL frame 34-37 waist 190- 210 lbs Broad Build thick across thighs and hips. 

Pant lengths vary by only about a 1/4 inch per size, so you may need to have pants tailored. Pants are designed a bit long, as it is easy to hem them, yet nearly impossible to lengthen them. Women who prefer a fuller cut, or wear pants higher on the waist will prefer the mens styles which are really designed to fit a frame type rather than a male or female.

Care Instructions

WASHING KNITS Machine wash knits inside out and hang dry to preserve a new look. Or, for the best and most functional approach, wash in warm water and medium dry. If the garment shrinks give it a subtle pull to mold it back to fit your body. The natural fiber will grow and constrict based on the amount of moisture it retains. If you want to return a garment to its original length, machine wash and then hang it dry.

WASHING WOVENS Machine wash wovens inside out in cold and hang dry to preserve their new look. Alternatively, feel free to warm wash and tumble dry your garments. This will speed the process of your pants/duvet softening to the feel of a thin, old denim. Once these pants really break in, you will find it hard to wear anything else.